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SOLIDVISION delivers projects of the highest quality for the scientific, medical, engineering and technical communities.

With a track record spanning 20 years, SOLIDVISION brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to offer a truly bespoke design and animation service.

SOLIDVISION specialises in graphical content that blends technical skill with artistry. Our expertise in 3D visualization and CGI, motion-graphics and visual effects, holographic content creation, character animation, and traditional graphic design, ensures SOLIDVISION offers a comprehensive design service.

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Virus - Eli Lilly

Animation commissioned by element-uk for their client Eli Lilly, we were very pleased to be able to work on such an exciting project.

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ESA - Emotive promo

We where honoured to have been given the opportunity to create a space animation, and this one was a lot of fun with no real agenda but to inspire.

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SGLT2 Symposium

Another great animation for element-uk's client Boehringer Ingelheim, this was a chain-reaction themed symposium launch.

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Ultrascape - Christie

We are very proud to have Christie Digital as one of our major clients, a truly innovative company.

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Satellite P70 - TOSHIBA

TOSHIBA have an interesting range of laptops, we got a chance to model and animate them during their prototype phase pre-launch.

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BioLife - Brilliant Basics

Penny Curtis of Brilliant Basics has a wonderful relationship with many pharma and healthcare clients, and she has a knack of extracting fab-fun projects from them, including this one.

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Craft Beer - Boathouse Brewery

We love a pint here at SOLIDVISION, and jumped at the chance to work on this Monty Python-esq animation for the Boathouse Brewery.

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2020 vision - TVP

When the cops knocked on the door we were a little worried at first, but when they asked us to help with some motion-graphics to explain their 2020 proposal, we could hardly refuse.

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Projection mapping - Christie

Did we mention that Christie Digital was our client already? This was a biggie, 4K resolution and character animation required, not two or three characters mind you, but a whole stadium!

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We hope you like and enjoy our showreel.

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